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Privacy Policy

The Use of www.rdgproduction.com and other sites related to RDG Production Pvt. Ltd. are governed by this privacy statement.users are requested to read through this policy carefully before using the site

We thank visitors for visiting RDG Production Pvt. Ltd website. We commit ourselves for ensuring privacy and security of visitors on our website. We respect the right of all our visitors to ensure privacy of their personal information submitted to us and take all possible measure to ensure it. Following policy outlines how we collect and use personal or any other information submitted with us:
Usually the site does not require personal information to gain access to the website. Personal information is voluntarily collected. This may include, though not restricted to, email address, phone number, name of the user and other such relevant data. Personal information might be sought in certain questions / comments submitted by visitors.
For certain services provided by the site, we might collect and use personal information to carry out business actions or for seeking feedback and contacting visitors like you. Usually this includes, use of interactive services; email or postal address with your name etc. All information collected is treated carefully as reasonably as possible and its security is ensured.


Thank you for visiting RDG Production Pvt. Ltd website. We welcome your visit and strive to provide you the experience expected from our brand. Yet, we need to advise you that use of the site is guided by certain restrictions and legal limitations. We request you to understand and adhere to the rules listed below:


  • Files can be stored or copies of information can be printed from the site only for personal use. Distribution of images, content or any other information of the site is prohibited without explicit consent of RDG Production Pvt. Ltd taken in writing. Information taken from the site cannot be replicated or posted on any system in its original or modified form.


  • Use of material on the site is prohibited for commercial gain through reproduction or any other modification, as a single entity or part of another work, publication or site in electronic or hard copy format.


  • Information on site is largely for general purpose and the site doesn’t warranty or represent accuracy or completeness. It is provided in good faith, for general purposes and should not be relied upon for any specific purpose.


  • All content published through this site are under the ownership of RDG Production Pvt. Ltd. Copyright of all trademarks, textual content or graphical material is retained by RDG Production Pvt. Ltd.